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3rd Talk Around the Clock:

Project Management and Ethics

The 24-Hour Virtual Charity Conference is over, and all money raised has been sent to Doctors without Borders.

A big shout-out to all volunteers, speakers, and panelists. Thank you for allowing this worldwide event to happen! This page remains online for historical purposes until we organize the next Talk Around the Clock.

Top PM Speakers Talk Pro Bono for Doctors Without Borders‘ Aid for War Victims in Palestine

Once your seat is booked, you can join, leave, and rejoin the sessions whenever you like.

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Get ready to join some of the world’s finest speakers in project management for a 24-hour charity conference that’s just around the corner.

These inspiring individuals will be speaking pro bono for a deeply humanitarian purpose: To support Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) in meeting the urgent needs of civilians, especially children, in Palestine.

The conference will be exciting. Its speakers are practitioners and educators, and they are passionate about making a difference. As the world continues to witness the devastating loss of life and suffering in Palestine, the event’s participants are committed to joining Médecins Sans Frontières’ calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire that will allow doctors to bring critical life-saving medical treatments, supplies, and recovery to the victims of war.

The PMI Sweden Chapter is championing the conference, and a team of event volunteers from around the world is organizing it. With the support of several other PMI chapters, the event promises to be a huge success.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference. The entire revenue from the conference goes to Médecins Sans Frontières, and we welcome promoting partners and corporate donors to join us in support of this worthy cause. Get excited for an event that promises to be both inspiring and impactful!

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Once your seat is booked, you can join, leave, and rejoin the sessions whenever you like.

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The donations made for the 3rd Talk Around the Clock event are fully transferred to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). Details:

We comply with PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Article 2.2.3: “We fulfill the commitments that we undertake – we do what we say we will do.” 

Our due diligence guarantee: The cooperation partners, the PMI Sweden Chapter and Oliver F. Lehmann invite all donors to audit the payment flow after the transfer to Médecins Sans Frontières.

For questions (e.g. PDUs, tax-deductible receipts), please consult the FAQs or contact us directly.

*: The payment provider will make a minor deduction to cover their transfer expenses.

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Program Summary

Conference Hours

Begin:Feb. 02, 2024, 11 AM UTC
End:Feb. 03, 2024, 11 AM UTC

Feb. 02, 2024

11:00 AM UTC:Opening & welcome
11:30 AM UTC:Talks
07:30 PM UTC:Panel Discussion
09:30 PM UTC:Talks

Feb 03, 2024

12:30 AM UTC:Talks
10:30 AM UTC:Closure and adjourn
11:00 AM UTC:Adjourn

February 2, 2024

Opening & Welcome

11:00 AM UTC

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The Talk Around the Clock project team and special guests opens the conference:

  • For Project Management Institute

The Talks


11:30 AM UTC

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 Thomas Walenta

Use Wisdom for Ethical Decision Making

Wisdom in psychology is achieved through ten competencies. Eight universal human values help to make decisions ethically. Four are the base of PMI’s code of ethics. How to use the ten competencies to become a good project leader. (Speaker details…)

12:30 PM UTC

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Jesús Bayarri

Ethic Dilemmas as Project Managers in the Construction Industry

Projects in the construction industry are confrontational due to the typical delivery and contracting approach. PMs have the chance (and duty) to change that, but it requires to rest in simmetry between their clients and rest of stakeholders interests. (Speaker details…)

01:30 PM UTC

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Sarah Schütte

 Project Managers, Law and Ethics: Lightening a Heavy Load 

Amongst the juggling that PMs have to do, there is Law and Ethics, 2 heavyweight topics which weigh down a team. Awareness and upfront planning can lighten the load, however, so let me offer trusted tips and tricks to juggle! (Speaker details…)


02:30 PM UTC

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 Marisa Silva

 Ethical Portfolio Management: project creatures that slow down (or accelerate) your portfolio

What do unicorns, cockroaches, elephants, or pets have in common? If you are struggling to get rid of pets projects or have encountered a watermelon project (green in the outside, red in the inside) recently, this talk is for you. (Speaker details…)

Geraldine Mongold

03:30 PM UTC

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 Geraldine Mongold

When Projects Go Off the Rails – Dealing with Project Failure 

Sometimes ending a troubled project is the right thing to do. We will explore a project that went wrong, and how ethics play a role in determining if, when, and how to terminate a project. (Speaker details…)

04:30 PM UTC

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 Walter Ginevri

 Building a Better Place to Live through Projects Entrusted to Kids

In a world characterized by rapid and continuous change, education faces a decisive challenge. Being project management a “universal language”, the presentation will show how to empower students’ life skills thanks to a kit of intuitive visual tools and techniques. (Speaker details…)  

Alfonso Bucero

05:30 PM UTC

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 Alfonso Bucero

Managing Stakeholders and Ethics in international projects

Dealing with project stakeholders is a must for every project manager. Managing project stakeholders becomes more challenging when managing international projects. Aligning the ethical views among project stakeholders is key to project success. (Speaker details…)  

Oliver F. Lehmann

06:30 PM UTC

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 Oliver F. Lehmann

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Project Business – the Ethical Aspects

Artificial Intelligence empowers us to achieve more by freeing us from mundane tasks, enabling us to focus on adding value where it truly matters. In Project Business, it helps improve customer-contractor relations. However, this powerful tool comes with ethical concerns. (Speaker details…)

Panel Discussion:

How Can We Keep Our Projects Free from Murky Practices?

The Case for Discussion

Projects should be beacons of ethical behavior. They are a powerful tool to bring positive change to stakeholders and the world.

Unfortunately, projects are often the homestead of murky and corrupt behaviors. We observe internal politics, bribery, and financial mismanagement.

And there is more: Abuse of power resulting in burned-out people, fractured societies, and a damaged environment.

As project managers, the question often arises: How can we protect our projects, our stakeholders, and the world from toxic leaders, unethical practices, and damaging outcomes?  

Giusi Meloni

09:30 PM UTC

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 Giusi Meloni

 Ethical Intelligence – Everyday Practice for the Ethical Project Manager 

Ethical intelligence is defined by the values we uphold and the knowledge we possess. This presentation will mix and match linguistics, literature, and psychology with project management expertise to highlight the principles and skillset to make ethics a daily practice. (Speaker details…)


Declan Foster

10:30 PM UTC

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Declan Foster

 A Practical AI Ethics Framework for Projects

The presentation introduces a practical framework for AI ethics that can be applied to projects or organisations. It explains the role of governance, policies and procedures, education, roles and responsibilities, AI ethics statements and the use of risk assessment tools. (Speaker details…)

Ruth Pearce

11:30 PM UTC

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 Ruth Pearce

 Ethics Live in the Grey Areas: What Project Management can Learn from Coaching, the Legal Profession and others

What does being ethical mean? Many expect there to be a straight forward answer to questions of ethics but the reality is that being ethical is more often more a way of thinking than about rule following or application. (Speaker details…)

February 3, 2024

12:30 AM UTC

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Luis Reyes

 Beyond Results: The Essence of Ethical Project Leadership 

In project management, ethical leadership is essential for sustainable success. Beyond meeting objectives, it means leading with integrity and responsibility. We will explore leading examples that define this essential practice. (Speaker details…)

Wan Syamilah Wan Ismail

01:30 AM UTC

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Wan Syamilah Wan Ismail

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Project Management

This presentation explores real-life ethical challenges faced by project managers and discusses strategies for making responsible decisions. It emphasizes the importance of transparency, communication, and building a culture of ethics. Resources and tools for ethical decision-making are also provided. (Speaker details…)

02:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

Beth Ouellette

Ethical Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – Let’s Connect the dots 

Validating and understanding of EI is key for all leaders. Then, clarifying principles of ethics is next. Once these are clear, leaders can intentionally connect and apply these practices and principles of EI and Ethical Leadership as their formula for success. (Speaker details…)

03:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

Dan Ryan

Taking Care of Ethics for a Startup

The project to launch and establish a startup comes with many ethical challenges. Temptations to do the wrong things are always present, but unethical behavior brings the risk of loss of trust by stakeholders and, finally, of failure. It takes a dedicated leadership approach and a strong moral compass to succeed. (Speaker details…)

04:30 AM UTC

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 Rahul Pai

Ethical Vs Moral – Application in Real World Project Management

While ethics & morals are used interchangeably, what is key for project success – being ethically correct OR being morally right? This session is aimed to equip the audience with the essence of ethics and morals in project management with real world scenarios to distinguish between the two. (Speaker details…)

05:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

 Tiziano Villa

 PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Power Skills Enablers 

CEPC inspires project managers to develop sustainable management solutions for project complex situations. CEPC entails power skills enablers. They are: Accountability, Ethnography, Negotiation, Knowledge Sharing. This presentation aims at highlighting how they can make CEPC effectively put in action. (Speaker details…)

06:30 AM UTC

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 Michael Gates

 Negotiating Successfully across Cultures 

This session will look at the importance of understanding culture for successful international negotiations – with customers, suppliers and internally when leading or working in multicultural teams. You will learn about a simple and practical model of culture and how 3 different cultural types tend to negotiate with regard to price and time. (Speaker details…)

Mohasmed EL

07:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

Mohamed F. ElNassery

Norms in International Business

Norms are essential, it is logical to stick to ethics. International Project Business complicates the levels of diversity, creating and keeping Norms within the project becomes art rather than only a skill! (Speaker details…)


08:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

 Mustafa Sherif

 Cities for Children 

 Mustafa will talk about why it is important to plan and design cities for children. How can we integrate the convention on the rights for a child in urban planning projects. He will also share best practices from Sweden and other countries within child friendly cities topic. (Speaker details…)

09:30 AM UTC

(Convert to your time zone)

 Essowè Abalo

 Rising Beyond Difficulties

This talk will dive into the art of transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, emphasizing resilience-building, strategic problem-solving, and the power of a growth mindset. (Speaker details…)

The Project Team of the 3rd Talk Around the Clock virtual 24h charity conference

10:30 AM UTC

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The Talk Around the Clock project team wraps up and closes the conference with some last words of thanks to everyone who helped us make it possible.

End of the event: 11:00 AM UTC

Once your seat is booked, you can join, leave, and rejoin the sessions whenever you like.